Frequently asked questions

What does the appraisal process include?

The process includes : -Research of the subject property in question with data collection -On Site inspection of the property with interior pictures of the entire home taken and hand measurements taken of the propertys dimensions with floor plan layout -72 hours after inspection is always our self-imposed deadline for our clients to have the appraisal product ordered in their hands.

What to expect during the inspection?

An onsite inspection can be nerve racking for some home owners, and we underdstand. The single family home is often the biggest purchase a family will make in their lifetime. The onsite inspection is a comprehensive date collection time for our appraisers. Inspections can take 30 minutes up to one hour or more , depending on the size and type of the property in question.

Cost ?

Each appraisal is handled on a case-by-case basis as each property is unique. The appraisal of Real property can be easy and can be hard sometimes, just like many other professions. Each property is researched and a scope of work is developed for the subject property, at that time the appraisal fee can be addressed.

What is Scope of Work?

Call it the plan of action. It is the game plan to which the appraisal process will follow and encompass for each individual property. The scope of work is a major determing factor in the appraisal process and is a major tenant of the industry.